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Tulum & Yal Ku Lagoon Snorkel
Tulum Ruins Mayan Riviera
Tulum Beach Mayan Riviera
Tulum Ruin Mayan Riviera
Tulum Mayan Riviera

Tulum & Yal Ku Lagoon Snorkel


Price: $420.00 USD. (Private for 2 people)
Each additional passenger: $45.00 USD

Pick up is 7:30 AM with a return to your hotel at about

6:00 PM

Price includes:

Tulum Park admission fee, private guide, a luxurious SUV or Van, water and soft drinks, travel insurance, toll booths


Not included:
Food, souvenirs, driver & guide gratuity

At Your Service Cancún presents, Tulúm.

Located 131 KM (81 miles) south of Cancun along the coast of the spectacular Mexican Caribbean. This archaeological site was built late in the thirteenth century, during what is known as the Mayan post-classic period. Tulúm was originally called Zama which means Sunrise in the Mayan language. From the many findings at the site, it has been proven that other cultures traded with the Mayas. Tulúm was very important, it was a seaport, trading mainly in turquoise and jade. Today, Tulúm is the 2nd most visited archaeological site of Mexico. It was one of the few enclosed cities built by the Mayas. With walls on three sides and the Caribbean Sea on the other, Tulum was built to be a fortress.

Nothing comes close to the fantastic experience of snorkeling at Yal Ku Lagoon.

Akumal or Grand Cenote, (A cenote; is a natural pit, or sinkhole resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. Especially associated with the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico, cenotes were sometimes used by the ancient Maya for sacrificial offerings.

Yal Ku Lagoon is a hidden, yet enchanting place of legend. It contains a mix of salt and freshwater, which is so calm and clear it invites you to plunge in. Once in the water, you are immediately met by hundreds of colorful fish. Wonders can be observed in depths no greater than six feet and there are little or no waves at all. Submerged rock formations create a fascinating underwater terrain and the ideal habitat for the exotic marine creatures which you can see perfectly while snorkeling. Watch for starfish and urchins, damselfish, sergeant majors, hamlets, parrotfish, blue tangs and queen triggerfish among other Caribbean species. Yal Ku Lagoon is certainly a jewel of an inlet and one of the best-kept secrets on the Riviera Maya.

For this tour, please bring runners or hiking boots for walking on the ruins and sandals for
snorkeling and bathing. Don’t forget comfortable clothes, towels and sunscreen. We don’t carry
snorkel equipment, but it is available for you to rent.

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